Micropack Opens New Office in Houston, Texas

Contact: Jim Scoggins, Cell +1 832-454-3473, Office:  +1 832-431-3094

Houston, Texas -30th January 2017 - Micropack Detection Americas opens a Consultancy office in Houston, Texas in 2016  to support the local Oil and Gas market with the supply of Fire and Gas Detection Consultancy  services. Recently appointed from Shell, Jim Scoggins, Micropack's regional Technical Safety Consultant has been tasked with growing the Fire and Gas Detection Consultancy business in the USA. Adrian Lloyd will continue to support the product arm of MDA's business, providing Visual Flame Detection systems to hazardous process industries.

Office Address

800 Town and Country Blvd
Suite 300
Houston. TX 77024

About Micropack

The Scottish company Micropack (Engineering) Ltd develops, markets and sells the world's leading FDS series of Visual Flame Detectors for hazardous process industries. Micropack provide innovative solutions in the field of fire and gas mapping and are termed as the inventors of this field of safety. The consultancy team within Micropack has grown and diversified over many years and are now regarded as global leaders in fire and gas detection design and fire safety consultancy. Micropack provides qualified consultancy studies and software to major oil and gas operators which ensure that compliance is met and detection systems are optimised. Micropack’s engineering division supplies engineering, procurement, installation, commissioning and maintenance services to major operators across the globe. Micropack is a company that challenges the status quo of safety within the oil and gas industry. They do this through the use of innovative, but proven technology, qualified consultancy services, and efficiently executed engineering services. Micropack’s key aim is to provide their clients with detection systems which offer optimised coverage, exceptional safety and cost performance.

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